Jones-Haywood Dance School

"A Legacy of Excellence"


Whether students are interested in pursuing a career in dance, or experiencing the art form, Jones-Haywood Dance School offers excellent training to students at all levels to help them grow and become more confident about themselves as dancers and responsible citizens.

Registration for classes occurs at the beginning of each session

Fall Session - August Registration Winter-Spring - January Registration

Special Programs (Summer Intensives & Workshops) - February Registration

*Registration remains open beyond the noted months until March.

All registrations require an interview by the Artistic Director with prospective parent(s) and children. A registration form is available by clicking here. Your Registration form must be downloaded to your desktop and saved with your information before submitting via in person or by emailing to [email protected] To make an appointment for an interview, please complete the contact form located on the Program page on our site. Telephone and email inquiries are also accepted.  


Tuition is based on the number of classes a student is scheduled to attend. After an interview process and possible placement review, the class/es that the student will need are determined. At this time the tuition amount is calculated.

*Parents should be aware that you will need to purchase dance wear from a recommended distributor.

**Additional Fees are inclusive of but not limited to: Parent Group Membership, Costume Fees, Special Events & Activities (varying costs).